Our Vision

Pilot Project: Augusta Culinary Hub

The space will feature up to five food stalls operated by both New and Old Mainers, and a dining hall that serves a communal dinner on Saturday nights. Food stalls and communal dinners will showcase different cuisines — allowing New Mainers and Old Mainers to experience each other’s food and share their identities. World to Table will foster community cohesion by featuring a mix of cuisines representing Augusta’s growing cultural diversity, and promoting eating together.

In order to establish a lasting change, financial viability and sustainability of the project is essential. To support this, World to Table will generate revenue through grants and donations, supplemented by a small percentage of operating revenues from the food sales. The majority of revenues generated by food sales will be retained by stall operators.

Food stalls: Community members can apply for a stall in which to cook and sell food. We will feature a mix of New and Old Mainers who are interested in using this platform to share their cuisine with the Augusta community. World to Table will support stall operators in initiating their businesses with financial, technical, and marketing assistance. Stall operators will pay a portion of their total revenues to World to Table in exchange for stall space, equipment, and utilities. World to Table will be responsible for capital and administrative expenditures, including equipment, building space, overhead, and staff salaries.

Community dinners: The communal dining hall, featuring long tables seating approximately 50 people per table, is designed to foster conversation between community members. One simple meal, at the price of $8 per person, will be prepared for the entire hall, featuring a rotating menu of cultural foods representative of the entire community. For community dinners, staff will be paid a set amount as employees of World to Table. All revenues generated by community dinners will be retained by World to Table.

Community events: World to Table will host community events, including iftars during Ramadan, Easter lunches, cooking workshops, and others. There will also be language clubs, where English-speakers will have the opportunity to learn Arabic, Dari, Spanish, and other languages spoken by New Mainers.